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SM-Furniere Schäfer & Merkel GmbH

Did you know...
that for wood used for
veneer production is
not a valuable forest is destroyed?

Social Responsibility

Sustainable management means protecting our vital forest ecosystems so that the needs of people living today will be met and that future generations live under the same or even under improved conditions can continue.

The goal is to keep the proportion of forest products is constant and therefore reforest logged forest areas immediately. Sustainability is the origin after a forestry term and is still of central importance. No other industry has maintained the view of the coming generations so similar expedient.

As the creator of the concept of sustainable forest management is of Hans Carl Carlo joke, Upper Mountain main man at the Saxon court in Freiberg (Saxony). He described his 1713 work "Sylvicultura Oeconomica" first the basic idea of this principle.

So much wood should only be beaten, could grow by as controlled by sowing and planting crops again. Thus, it is also ensured that Planzer and fauna remain intact.

With the principle of sustainability of the forest will remain as natural habitat.